"I was treated with care and consideration. The procedure was fully explained every step of the way. This helped a great deal preparing me.....The procedure was carried out in a highly professional way.....I have got the result I wanted." GS


We do our utmost to meet our patients' desires and needs with regard to their dental health and are very grateful when they give their feedback and recommend their friends, as so many of them do. Below you can find some of the lovely things that have been said about us. This helps to reaffirm our aim to always have your best interests at heart.

"I needed an implant due to resorption.I was always seen promptly, the treatment was fully explained and competently performed. Very efficient and effective; pain free." SG

"Good and clear description of treatment and commentary on procedure." RB

"Bridge and crowns had become insecure. Procedure was carried out by Dr. Sterrett with skill and confidence. Various options were discussed beforehand and I felt that I was well informed about the procedure and expected outcome. I am very satisfied with the colour match. Teeth look good and feel comfortable and secure, far more so than the previous bridge." SW

"Last molar on lower jaw needed to be taken out. Implant was only option left. Previous treatment on the tooth had been very painful, (a bad root canal, etc.) and this had prevented me from doing anything sooner. But after 2 years + of persuading me to have the implant...the extraction was totally painless, and the whole process has been straightforward, pain free and trouble free. Knowing that Phil Sterrett was 'on call' was really reassuring too. When you first start out on the implant path, it feels like a lengthy process, but in reality the time passes quickly enough. I'd urge anyone who's thinking about an implant not to leave the time between the extraction and the implant too long. It's too easy to get used to the gap....looks-wise I'm happy to see teeth on that side of my mouth again! ....and I'm now eating on that side again too. The whole process has prompted me to take more care of my teeth generally - so hoping that will pay off long term too." AP

"(My) infected tooth required extraction and replacement. Service very good throughout. (The procedure) went smoothly- no complications. Little pain or discomfort." CL

Would you recommend a dental implant as an option to your friend? "Absolutely. Expense fully recovered over time.....enjoying a full bite again and being able to smile without exposing a gap." CM

"I have been a very satisfied patient of Pickerings for a long time. (It was) A good experience  I felt I was looked after very carefully." TP 

"Well explained: with the information I needed. Painless, easier chewing and eating: Aesthetic improvement. I generally feel less dilapidated. Do it- and expect an improvement in your life!" MG

"I would definitely recommend having an implant (if affordable) and I would say that the most important consideration is who carries out the procedure.  It is a big decision so having trust in the person and confidence in their ability is important.  I am grateful that I was able to have this advanced treatment at the practice I have attended for many years.  Phil is highly skilled and professional and takes great care to ensure the best outcome.

In conclusion I would say I am extremely happy with the service that has been provided and I am very pleased with my implant.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for the implant work he carried out which has made a tremendous difference to me. I can talk, eat and smile without worry.  On a general day to day basis I do not think about the implant as it appears and feels so natural. Thank you." DR

"I had implants whilst living in the U.S. and already had a bone graft in place to have another one, all explained every step of the way and the costs made very clear. All my gaps have now been filled with implants, it's wonderful to have a full set of teeth again. It's worth every penny." CF

"Very professional at all times. I wasn't sure what to expect but it went very smoothly. I like the tooth. It is good not to have a gap anymore." PC

"I wanted to send a personal thank you for all the treatments I received from you and your team. I’ve always been a nervous patient and I’ve visited a couple of practices in the city but stumbled upon Dr.Sterrett as I wasn’t satisfied or comfortable with the treatment I was receiving and I’m so glad I did. I’ve received the best care, excellent treatment with no complications and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I’d highly recommend the team who always go the extra mile when it comes to patient care and visiting the dentist is now an enjoyable experience and the health of my teeth has improved significantly. Dr Sterrett is an expert - Highly recommended!” NM

"(I) lost a tooth 6 years ago and wanted an implant. Everything was quick and easy, although Philip explained that my case was not a problematic one, I have a lot of bone etc..I am happy to have a tooth in place of that hole!" ZV

"I have had procedures carried out previously at Pickerings but my visits to Dr. Sterrett were pain free and efficacious. It's a fairly drawn out process but Dr. Sterrett’s professional attitude and reassuring manner ensured satisfaction during treatments being carried out. He also kept me informed at all times. I have two new teeth which work! Why go for bridgework where existing teeth in good condition have to be filed down to support the bridge? Dental implants, in my experience, are the best option when teeth must be extracted." CR

"Excellent.....Comforting......100% recommendation." CG

"Previous dentist had mentioned (an) implant. Did not trust them to do it or actually source someone good.  I knew an implant was my only option. I had done the research. Phil took a thoroughly pragmatic and professional approach. I had an initial consultation and a course of treatment very quickly. All appointments were made round my work. I can eat apples and pretty much anything. I no longer have the worry of my tooth falling out at the weekends!! The colour of the crown (picked by Phil who is the expert) is always commented on by friends who don't believe it's not real (they went through it all with me). Do it. It was the best decision I made and nearly two years later no one notices it at all. Choose Phil as personal recommendation is the best advice for a procedure like this." VH

“Philip carefully guided me through the process of the implant reassuring and keeping me informed at every juncture. He is a true expert and my tooth looks and feels like the real article, filling the gap in my teeth has really helped. I would happily recommend Philip due to his relaxed, ethical and incontrovertible confidence he displays whilst practising.” GS

" I had a very small bite as I was missing several teeth in the back of my mouth. The missing teeth were not visible, however I found chewing difficult. I found Dr. Sterrett and Pickerings in general to be most professional in the advice and care given to me as a patient. I can think of no negative comments. The procedures was much less painful and invasive than I expected....I was surprised at how quickly I recovered. I can chew my food properly for the first time in several years! Despite the costs involved I would advise anyone to go ahead with implants if they are missing teeth. I previously tried a denture and hated it but implants feel like natural teeth. I would also reassure them that it is much less painful than expected." DH

"Pickerings is my regular dentist and I have been treated by them for over 20 years. I was given lots of information regarding the procedure and told exactly what to expect. The procedures are carried out in phases so each stage was not overly long. Even though it is an invasive procedure I felt no pain at all during and relatively little pain after." BS

"I've always had bad teeth - by the time I was 18 I have a seven tooth bridge on my upper jaw, with years it increased more tooth to the bridge. Some of the tooth then broke and I used to put superglue (on it) , finally when my front tooth broke I decided I wanted to get implants.....my dentist is very friendly and professional. He talked to me clearly what the options were. After the implants were put when I had some worry, I used to call him and he was always helpful and agreed to see me. Everything is positive, now I can eat anything without being scared that some tooth is going to break or people are looking at your bad teeth and my self esteem has improved. Go ahead, it is the best option.  Find a good dentist, get as much information as possible. Take care of your health and you need to be patient in order to heal the implants well." AY

"I am a regular patient for over 20 years. The best personal treatment ever. When one undergoes this sort of treatment there is worry. But not with these dentists. Fantastic." JKS

"I wanted an implant to avoid having a denture. It was pain free and caused relatively little discomfort. It feels like my tooth!" TS

"My tooth cracked and could not be saved. I have been with the dental practice for over twenty years so I trust them. Phil is available to answer questions and replies to emails and phone calls promptly. It is like having a natural tooth. I would not go for the false tooth option as the interim measure. I never really got used to it. I would go for the better option – despite costing more money." JB

"(I had) persistant failure of root canal treatment of affected tooth. Excellent treatment from Dr Sterrett. The long-standing problem with the tooth has now been remedied. I would recommend it – although the treatment is relatively expensive, I feel that it was worth it." CL

"(My experience was) excellent, not only because of staff’s technical expertise but also (more importantly for me as a phobic) for patience, sense of humour and the way everything is explained clearly step by step. Also very good aftercare." EV

"Old bridge work on front teeth needed replacing. I was very conscious of the front teeth before and also while wearing the denture. Now I don’t even think about it. I can bite and eat better." SG

"I have been a long term patient and fully trust your advice. Exactly what was explained to me was carried out in full. The implant tooth just feels like a normal tooth. No bother with it whatsoever." JD

"I lost a tooth. I had a bridge put in. The bridge broke – it was only linked to one tooth as I did not want another tooth ‘destroyed.’ Everything was well explained. I knew what was going to happen on that particular visit. I have a ‘complete’ smile back which is good for my self confidence. I have no problems eating anything. It does not look like one of my teeth is an implant. They all look the same." AA

"I have used Pickering dentists for many years. It is local to me and I have always found them to give an excellent service. My experience was so much easier, calmer and less painful than I anticipated. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Sterrett to others. Everything was explained to me and the procedure was quicker than I expected and at no time did I feel anxious. I felt I was in very capable hands. I have been given two visible teeth back so it has been invaluable. I feel more confident and really feel I want to take great care of these teeth. I would definitely say it is well worth having and have never experienced any problems with my implants." CO

"Very good indeed! The very full advance descriptions and explanations helped a lot. Being given the time to weigh his options was crucial. The procedure reminded me of canal root treatment which I had undergone many times by now, but this one did not involve any complication as it had been very thoroughly mapped out in advance. I can now comfortably chew on both sides, which in turn must help digestion. Expect a more thorough process of assessment compared to routine dental treatment and trust it will pay off." OM

"Very thorough, professional, clear communication about the procedure. Very good and quick healing. Consider the up side – a healthier mouth." CC

"I had a broken bridge and my top teeth were not looking very good. I have an issue with anything in my mouth, such as false teeth, it makes me feel sick. I had enquired at other dentisits and they never would carry out the work I wanted. Finally a friend recommended Pickerings and named Phil. I made the appointment and Phil was extremely helpful in explaining everything and describing the process. The whole experience has been terrific, from day one Phil explained everything and we decided together what work was needed on my teeth. It was straight forward and never a problem through the process. From start to finish even though a long process everything was explained to me, and Phil dicussed each stage of the process. His care and attention at every stage was brilliant. He takes his time and explains everything at each stage. He is a brilliant dentist and takes his time to be exact with every detail of the work, if it’s an implant or a root canal. Since the implants and the other work has taken place I have felt much better in myself. I can laugh now and show my teeth without a worry. It is brilliant now to feel this way, and all thanks to Phil. He was available through the long process at all times, if I had an issue, it was great to know you can phone him and discuss anything concerning my teeth, problems or not. It is time consuming and a lengthy process but at the end you will have teeth that you can chew on and that look good. There is no pain that you go through so do not be afraid or worried about having implants. Go to Phil and he will ensure everything goes well and is done correctly. He is the best dentist I have ever known and will always take his time to complete the treatment." JL

"Don’t be afraid .... The end result will be worth it." TS

"I was already attending the practice – had ongoing problems with two teeth in particular which kept falling out and constantly needed to be ‘glued’ back in. (I received) lots of verbal information clearly explained, accompanying written information, options/alternatives also clearly explained. I am able to eat foods I would never have attempted before. Also visually a much improved ‘look’. I would recommend considering this option." KC

"I had treatment previously with another dental surgeon but the treatment and procedure with him was painful and uncomfortable – subsequently the implant he installed failed. It went smoothly, the time went by unnoticed. I was comfortable with the environment and procedure. Your work was painless. I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout. It’s simple, painless, nothing to worry about. I certainly would recommend having a dental implant and especially with Mr Sterrett." LS

"I wanted to rectify the problems I have with my teeth. When it came to considering implants and I met with Phil Sterrett for a consultation I was so reassured I made the decision straight away to go ahead with the treatment. I would not have done so with anyone else. Considering I am a fairly nervous patient the procedure was so much less scary than I had anticipated: it wasn’t painful, it was straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps because Phil Sterrett explained thoroughly what would happen every step of the way and reassured me. My advice would be not to worry or be anxious about the procedure; it isn’t painful, it is quick and straight forward." KS

"I find the dentist honest and trustworthy. I am coming back and bringing my family with me. The anticipation was exhausting but the procedure painless. Each procedure was clearly explained to me each step. I felt confident to contact the dentist at any time for any issue or questions. I don’t think about my tooth so I think the big success is the fact that I feel comfortable with it and it does not call my attention. Considering the result and the life of the implant, I would very much recommend." NS

"Excellent attentive service throughout the process with regular scheduled and non-scheduled attention, some visits outside of hours, and information at every stage. Information was thorough and comprehensive. I still keep expecting the teeth to come out or be loose and am pleasantly surprised and relieved when I remember they won't. They feel as though they belong to me; are part of me. I can eat properly and smile confidently. Go to Phil as he provides an exemplary service beyond what you would expect." CC

"A friend recommended you after she’d had work done. (You were) very good, friendly, reassuring. Professional but funny. Easier than I’d expected. Much less claustrophobic  than I’d feared. No pain. Easier to clean. Looks better." MS