Missing a single tooth?

A single implant will support a single crown and is the ideal solution when compared to conventional alternatives. 

The treatment is simple and the procedures are very minor when carried out by a well trained and experienced surgeon.

It is possible to remove the failed tooth, place the implant and build a tooth directly onto the implant all within a single appointment.

Whether you have lost a tooth through decay, infection or injury a dental implant is often the best option and is the next best thing to your natural tooth.

Other options would involve a denture which most people find loose and uncomfortable or bridgework which can involve drilling into healthy teeth next to the tooth gap.

Neil lost his front tooth through a sports injury. He had a denture for a while but could no longer eat properly as it moved every time he bit into something.

It was also pretty obvious he was wearing a denture as the tooth looked false and this made him embarrassed to smile. He wanted a fixed tooth back in place but as all his other teeth were perfect he certainly didn't want them to be touched in any way.

A single implant quickly and effectively solved his problems, now he can eat whatever he wants and no one can tell it is not one of his natural teeth.



Nelly had a client facing job and was embarrassed when she realised the gap left by a broken tooth was visible when she smiled- she couldn't cope with a single tooth denture even for a day  and need a fixed solution which was indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

We were able to remove the remaining portion of the tooth and place an implant and tooth on the same day so she never had to suffer with a gap.